Cabinet Refinishing

Bathroom or kitchen cabinet refinishing is the process of calling in a professional company to refinish doors and drawer front. Refinishing is generally less expensive than replacing your kitchen with custom cabinets.

Cabinet refinishing is a skill that must be learned over time by practice. We recommend leaving it to a professional to get it done correctly.

Completion times vary depending on the size of the job. However, most cabinet refinishing jobs are completed in 1 week.

Residential Interior

There are many factors to take into consideration such as the quality of the paint, the amount of traffic, any smokers, does the fireplace work properly? Generally speaking, a quality job done by a professional under normal conditions should last around 6-10 years. Nakedwood Finishes offers free quotes, so give us a call and we'll be happy to take a look at your home.

For most interior walls, a latex paint will offer more advantages over alkyd such as lower odor, drying faster, and clean up with soap and water.

Drop cloths are used underneath all areas.

There are several reasons to have epoxy flooring installed: Increase the resale value of your home, Brighten your garage, Very easy to clean, Keep your floor from becoming stained or discolored.

Factors that can alter the life of your floor include how you use it and how clean you keep it. Typically, most epoxy flooring lasts 12 years.